Did you know that 70% of chronic diseases are related to how we eat, sleep, move and relax? Or that small changes everyday can improve our wellbeing, and prevent and even reverse illness?

Below are some useful resources if you are interested in improving your own physical and emotional health.


  • "The 4 Pillar Plan" by Dr Rangan Chatterjee (book) - an excellent introduction to the role of food, diet, sleep and relaxation in our wellbeing, as well as lots of tips to help you make those changes (www.drchatterjee.com)
  • "Live Well - NHS" (www.nhs.uk/live-well) - lots of tools to help you improve your physical and emotional wellbeing


  • Headspace (www.headspace.com) - learn the essentials of meditation and mindfulness (2 week free trial)
  • Calm (www.calm.com) - sleep more, stress less, live better (7 day free trial)



  • Active10 (free to download from App Store or Google Play) - handy app to track your steps, set goals and motivate you to reach them
  • Couch to 5K (free to download from App Store or Google Play) - designed for absolute beginners, will get you off the couch and running / jogging / waddling in 9 weeks!


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